Privacy Policy

We at make a page for our privacy statement for the reason that you will know how we deal on your information. It will be your basis to know about our services and how we deal with our customers. With that in mind, please be sure you read this page to know if you like all our terms.

  • We at need your details about your credit card for completing your order. We need it also to process your order. You do not need to worry because your details will be deleted after we completed your order.
  • Our company ask some of your personal information such as a complete name, email add and phone number. Your information will be kept tightly in our company system and no one has the chance to steal it.
  • Your IP address, operating systems as well as your time and length of visit will automatically be recorded when you visited our site. The information collected is for statistical purposes only.
  • You can turn on or turn off your cookies. If you want to know all the latest updates about our services, it is better if you put on your cookies.
  • We can have changes in our privacy statement. If this happens, we will post it on our site so check us regularly to know the changes.