Terms and Conditions

We at videotranscriptionservices.net created our terms and conditions for our customers gain some knowledge about our services. It is necessary that you fully understand our terms for you to know what will; you do. Also, if there are terms you do not like, it is better if you discontinue using our website.

  • We at videotranscriptionservices.net begin to work on your order until you are done in settling your payment of your order.
  • We at videotranscriptionservices.net provide discounts and promos as long it is included your order.
  • Our company is using the format of Microsoft Word 2003 and 2007.
  • Video Transcription Services are not responsible for any file reading.
  • Our company is not liable for delivery issues you face but we are willing to help you. Do not hesitate to contact us because we are here to help you always no matter what happen.
  • Video Transcription Services offer a free revision service. If you’re not contented about your order, you need to submit revision request to qualify. If we did not get any request from you, our company will assume that you are satisfied about your transcription order.
  • Please make sure you avoid contacting any person in our site using another email address. If you do, it will be considered as fraud. The Fraud Department will responsible in investigating about what happened.
    We outsource SEO and marketing. Plus, if there are vendors who do not respect you, please report to us right away.
  • The videos you see on our site are acted by our video actors and come from our real customers.

Feel free to send us any concerns or questions on the contents of this site.