The Word Point 

Are you a student in need of proofreading or editing your college essay? Have you ever wondered who could possibly translate your business writing into German or Croatian without having to hunt for local translators? With the advent of the internet, many online services have sprung up offering similar things to would-be clients. 

However, the writing niche has seen a steady increase in professional and reliable help. This is where The Word Point comes into play with their vast offer of writing services that cater to the majority of essay and paper types out there. What are some of the core features on offer at The Word Point, and how can you utilize them to make sure you get high quality writing services for a reasonable price?

• Translation services

Having the ability to freely and securely translate your documents without worrying about the resulting quality is something that The Word Point is proud of. Judging by the large number of testimonials and reviews available on the site, it’s easy to see where the care and attention goes when translation services are concerned. 

The Word Point offers the ability to translate to and from over two dozen languages, spanning different dialects and complexity levels. This means that you can employ a “Basic” translator should your document be simple or a “Professional” in the latter case. Some of the languages on offer include English, Chinese, French, Arabic, Ukrainian and others. The translation services at hand are categorized into different fields such as art & literature, legalities, technical or even personal content writing. The translator you are paired with will always be open to suggestions and discussing whether or not a certain type of content is really what you need.

• Certified translation services

Sometimes your clients or coworkers will require actual proof of the translation work that was done. This type of translation is categorized as “certified”, as in translated by an academic professional specializing in a certain field. 

The Word Point boasts professionals in several different fields including academic translators, legal translators as well as technical translators that are fully licensed and prepared to work with clients. This type of translation is slightly more expensive as a result of the work being done by a certified professional who spent years of their life studying in a particular field. Each translator will always present their certificate for the client to see and study carefully, ensuring the legitimacy and professionalism of the work that will ensue shortly after. 

Keep in mind that you should only opt for certified translation services if the document you are about to translate requires that type of translation work to be done – most of the time you will be just fine with typical translation work.

• Proofreading services

Everyone needs some proofreading now and then. Whether you are delving into essay writing or simply looking for ways to streamline your blog writing habits, The Word Point has you covered. 

Any mistakes or formatting errors that slip your eye can easily be amended by employing one of the several professional writers available on the platform. The good thing about employing a translation service to do your proofreading is that you can often combine the two services into one – thus getting proper translation and subsequent proofreading for your pages or written essays. 

Finding good translators for your project is hard, especially if you don’t know anything about the target language yourself. Proofreading is available not only for essay writing and other types of student writing but also for business pages, social media content and any other form of writing that needs to be published. The Word Point ensures its clients that the translators are educated linguists in their respective fields which should be enough of insurance in and of itself.

• Localization services

Localization work can be difficult, especially for someone who doesn’t grasp the mentality or the culture of the people using specific languages. This is where services such as The Word Point come into play. Offering not only writing support but also the ability to localize any type of written content for a different market is something that very few writing services out there offer. 

The Word Point offers clients the ability to translate content such as product documentation, software interfaces, game files or even packaging and labels. Localization is different than usual translation meaning that it requires special knowledge of the target language and its users. Their perception of your translation (or in this case localization) will often determine how your product is perceived in that market. Going the extra mile and offering your customers or clients the satisfaction of using localized content that caters to their needs might just be what your business needs to flourish.

Pricing the service accordingly

As we’ve mentioned before, The Word Point offers several tiers of writing services. These range judging by the complexity of your initial documents and the requirements you set for the writer. The projects are usually charged by their word count and the deadline you set, meaning that you can get good deals if you are objective and reasonable about the requirements you set forth. 

Asking for more work in a short timespan will result in a price range corresponding to your needs, so make sure that you are always clear on what you are getting and what you are paying for it. The price set by The Word Point will always be transparent and set by the onsite calculator, which means that you can safely calculate your expenses before committing to a translation service project.

In conclusion

Whether you are a student hunting for the next big essay writing service or a businessman in need of technical translation, The Word Point is a good place to consider. Take a moment to read the many reviews and testimonials featured on the site which should give you enough of an incentive to move forward with your order. You will quickly realize that all of your doubts have been in vain, since The Word Point is as professional and reliable as a translation service can get.