How to Analyze a Movie in an Essay


How interesting can it be, having to watch a movie and later give its analysis? Please do not get so excited, though, as it is not as relaxing as it sounds.

Writing an essay on a movie though demanding, is important as it equips you with very vital skills. It helps you evaluate, conceptualize, synthesize, and analyze ideas in the movie as well as in real life.

You will need to have a pen and a pad as you watch the film so you can jot down some points. Be keen, though, not to get carried away by writing that you forget about watching the movie or listening to its narration. You can then come up with a plan on how to write an analytical essay about the film you have watched.

Here are some useful tips to help you hack that essay.

Introduce the Film

You will give the name of the movie, its director, and the year of its release. You will also provide a brief background of it so that the reader can have a clue of what it is all about. Mention the main ideas that come out of the film. It is also in the introduction that you will write the thesis statement.

After you write what the idea behind the film is, you can discuss your point of view regarding it. You can add a quote from the movie and explain the idea behind it.


When writing an analysis of a film, you are delivering information as though the reader has no clue about it. Your teacher may have watched it. However, write as though you are explaining to someone who has never set eyes on it.

You will give details about who, where, why, when, and what the film is about.

If you have no idea how to write the analysis, you can contact expert writers at any time. I also hire their services when I want some to write my paper that is hard. You pay an affordable fee and, in turn, get an excellently written paper.

You may not have watched the movie and may not have the time to do so and write the essay. You could have watched it but did not understand it well enough to analyze it. You can ask the professional writer to do it on your behalf.


Your essay depends on this stage, which entails you giving your perspective about the film. You will include your thoughts and some quotes from the movie.

You will offer a description of the elements used in the film. The scenario is one element of discussion where you discuss scenes from the movie. Explain each sequence as it follows the other until the end.

Speak of the director and state if the movie came out perfectly. Were the actors directed appropriately? Also, compare any other films from the same director.

The acting part is important since it is the actors that bring the director’s ideas into action. Discuss how good they played their roles. If they did not do it well, discuss it too.

Other elements to discuss are the musical and visual ones. Was the music fit for the mood of the film, or was it a distraction? How were the costumes of the actor and the era they portrayed? Were there any other special elements worthy of mention? All these should be in your analysis.


After you have given an introduction, summarized, analyzed, and given your take on the elements, you can now conclude. You will state the main ideas of the essay and answer the thesis question. An important point to note in conclusion is to tell people whether to watch it or not and why you say so.


If you put your mind to it, writing an analytical essay can be as easy as watching the movie. You will only have to follow the structure laid out in this article, and you will have an easy time doing it.

Effective Telephone Interventio

The effective skills in effective telephone intervention include self-awareness, non-judgemental, non-reactive, and high tolerance. Self-awareness is a significant skill needed in effective telephone intervention as the individual can empathize with the client without becoming emotional or personally involved when subjects with individual meanings surfaces (Hartke and Rosemarie 69). The other skill is being non-judgmental as clients on telephone notice when one becomes judgemental hence keeping quiet and leaving no room to offer assistance. Ideally, one should listen without casting judgments hence offering the client(s) support and an empathetic ear in a safe environment. An effective telephone intervention is nonreactive to the client’s outbursts and threats; he/she remains calm and completely offering the client support (Hartke, and Rosemarie 71). Another significant skill is being highly tolerant to the inevitable dramatic chaos and situations encountered regularly. These skills are important as they help an individual to get the required information from the client. This helps in providing the best services to the client hence leaving him delighted with the telephone services offered.

The law enforcement officers face numerous challenges when responding to crises involving mentally ill people. In modern policing, the law enforcers encounter mentally ill citizens in persons in need of care, victims, complainants, missing persons, disorderly persons, and criminal offenders. Some of the challenges the law enforcers face include lack of skills to identify if the mentally ill person is dangerous or not. Mentally ill people are more violent to the law enforcers than the general public. They may end up being harmed by the mentally ill individuals while protecting the public and ensuring law and order is maintained. It is also difficult to determine which behaviour is related to mental health. It is also difficult for a law enforcement officer to take command and control the situation involving a mentally ill person.

Some of the advantages of online crisis intervention include its suitability to remote areas, convenience and affordability, online crisis intervention makes information more accessible and online crisis intervention accessible to those with physical limitations (Andersson, Gerhard, and Nickolai 6). On the other hand, the disadvantages of online crisis intervention include some nations do not allow out-of-state providers, some insurance companies do not cover e-crisis intervention, concerns about unreliable technology, privacy, and confidentiality (Andersson, Gerhard, and Nickolai 10). I can see myself work in online crisis intervention to increase after hours of capabilities of other service providers as well as ensure accessibility of services to those who need most in the community. Online crisis intervention collaborates with other service providers like the community service systems, mental health services, safe houses, ambulances, police, and hospital among others.

Police departments regularly handle cases involving mentally ill by protecting the community’s welfare and safety. The police department has a duty to respond to calls and deliver services round the clock (Steadman, and Morrissette 1055). The police have taken the role of a “street-corner psychiatrist” since they are the first to respond to urgent situations involving mentally ill clients at the community.

The Guide To Using a Podcast to Create Great Content

The heart of each site is its content. This is such an important element in the life of the resource that site owners are willing to pay big money for the best ideas, to try new and new strategies, attracting users in many different ways. Multimedia content, in particular, audio and video podcasts today is at the peak of their popularity, so let’s learn how to integrate these tools into your content strategy in the most efficient way.

Why Do You Need to Use Podcasts: Favorable Statistics

Every year interest in reading texts fades away. More convenient, fast and effective methods of delivering information are replacing textual content. The following numbers talk about this and this means that you should necessarily use podcasts to stay in touch with your users or clients. According to Podcast Insights:

  • Half of Americans listen to podcasts. Can you imagine what target audience you can reach?
  • Podcast listeners are educated and solvent. In average, their annual income is more than $75,000. Make them an offer they are waiting for, and they will be able to pay for your goods or services.
  • They like to follow companies and brands on social networks.
  • 69% of podcasts users say that podcasts ads are useful for them to discover new brands, goods or services.

How to Use a Podcast to Increase Engagement of Your Users

Here are the rules you should follow to make your podcasts really engaging and increase the loyalty and awareness of your target audience.

Develop the Content Plan

Starting to create podcasts simply because you heard that this is a “cool idea” is not a plan. If you want to use them as another kind of content and fit podcasting into your content strategy, you need to think about all the details. Define your goal, the frequency of podcasts and come up with ideas for at least the first ten recordings.

Make Your Every Podcast Vivid

A podcast is not a page from a book. It should be a living story about you, about the company, about your values, missions, employees, plans, etc. Today’s customers and listeners want to know what is going on behind the scenes of business processes and whaT persons are responsible for it.

Find Out the Pain Points of Your Target Audience

There is only one way to get visitors to listen to you again and again and to contact you for help. You need to know what really bothers them, and offer a solution, both through informational content and through your products and services.

Come Up with Catching Headings

Moreover, your heading should not only be catching; they should reflect the essence of the topic you are talking about. If your title and the content of the podcast doesn’t constantly coincide, the listeners will understand this very soon.

Double Check Your Grammar and Spelling

You should not only know the topic about which you are talking, but also sound competently from a linguistic point of view. Therefore, read your text out loud before recording, find weaknesses and correct them. The best option is to ask a professional editor to help, as well as use reliable business translation services if you are dealing with a foreign language.

Make Sure That Your Podcast Fits Professional Level

The success of the podcast is guaranteed by its professional creation. The professional creation of a podcast should be understood as its preparation with the involvement of narrow specialists, as well as with the use of special equipment. So, it is better not to record audio podcasts yourself, but by inviting a stage speech specialist, and his voice should be recorded not on an ordinary amateur voice recorder, but on professional recording equipment that will ensure the purity and high quality of the sound.

Thus, podcasts are one more great tool to get in touch with your visitors. Be sure to keep them interesting, vivid and professional, and potential customers will begin to search for them independently and wait for every new recording.

Top 4 Reasons Why YouTube Videos Need Transcription

Unfortunately, most YouTubers undervalue the importance of video transcription. They wrongly believe that no one reads the text under the videos. But in fact, some viewers find video transcription extremely useful.

And if you want to get more subscribers to your YouTube channel, you should transcribe your videos. If you have any doubts, read this article to learn more about the benefits of video transcription.

Reason #1 – Make your content accessible for everyone

Did you know that approximately one in 20 people in the world is “functionally deaf” or hard of hearing? Did you know that almost 1,000,000 Americans are deaf? These statistics is a sad reality about today’s world.

Unluckily, deaf people face lots of issues not only in real life but also online. For instance, they can watch only those YouTube videos, which were transcribed to text.

It’s unfair that deaf people can’t use any content they like, isn’t it? And if you want to make your content accessible for everyone, you should use video transcriptions.

Reason #2 – Engage non-native English speakers

Some non-native English speakers have poor language listening skills. They can’t clearly understand what people in the video are talking about. It’s much easier for them to consume textual content than audio and video content.

For this reason, English learners find video transcription extremely useful. When they hear an unfamiliar word, they feel frustrated. But when they see an unknown word in the text, they can translate it using online dictionaries and other tools.

If you believe that your YouTube channel might be interesting for people, who are not fluent in English, you should transcribe your videos. It will help you to get more views and more subscribers.

Reason #3 – Attract foreign viewers

The great news is that you can also turn viewers, who don’t speak English at all, into your subscribers. You just need to transcribe your video to text and after that translate text in a chosen language.

Let’s say you are a travel blogger from the United States. Currently, you live in Nicaragua and produce content, which is interesting not only for American travelers but also for locals, who speak Spanish.

In this situation, it will be a wise decision to utilize online translation services and create a Spanish version of a video transcription. It will allow you to draw the local viewers’ attention to your channel and increase your income from YouTube.

Reason #4 – Optimize your video for search

Video transcription is a great tool to optimize your video content. It helps to lower the bounce rate and to increase traffic. Also, it’s worth mentioning that video transcription allows getting higher search rankings on both YouTube and Google.

Naturally, if you make your video content accessible to every user, you get more views and increase watch time. That’s all you need to grow your YouTube channel, isn’t it?

Three ways to transcribe YouTube videos

Has this article convinced you that video transcription is extremely important for your YouTube Channel’s growth? Now you just need to choose in which way you will complete the transcription process:

  • Utilize app with in-built automatic speech recognition technology
  • Get assistance from human transcriptionists
  • Use a combination of two approaches: hire a transcriptionist to edit automatically transcribed texts

Wrapping it up

As you can see, video transcription is an essential instrument for every YouTube blogger. If you want to get more subscribers and more views, don’t hesitate to use this simple, yet effective tool in practice. You can be sure that one beautiful day your efforts will bear fruit, and you will become a world-famous YouTuber.

Challenges of Communicating Total Rewards Program

The way in which an organization communicates total rewards have evolved in changing business landscape, and leaders are worried in delivering critical information that includes total rewards to the employee because, total compensation includes overtime payment, vacation pay bonuses, and health payment. An organization total reward system may lead to the lag of the market due to budget constraints. For instance, an organization may offer minimal health, overtime and retirement benefits. Interestingly, in case of small businesses communicating total reward program may pronounce lag because of lack of size and financial solidity to offer substantial remunerations. On the contrary, reward program may lead to misfortune in human resource objectives as employee try to study the size of the gap (Davis,2007).

Relatively, limited resources in an organization is another challenge that affects the communication of total reward program because companies with minimal resources only choose few types of profits to include (Petera,2011). For instance, the employer must decide if employee select health maintenance within the organization or health welfares or higher deductible assurance that is pooled with health costs account over flexible expenditure accounts. Moreover, limited assets lead to the unsuitable mixture that fulfills employee to support the company human resource goal.

However, the challenges of communicating total reward program may are not fixed and can be ratified. For instance, if a company buy unlimited resources employees will enjoy a total reward program that will incorporate all the compensations, benefits, and other additional items that are valuable to the employee. Furthermore, the company structure should avoid lag in market competitive and instead lead the market. In this case, the company payment structure should remain ahead of demand and stay competitive throughout and shorten the gap of the market. This will help the company to provide total reward program to its employee (Davis,2007).