How to Analyze a Movie in an Essay


How interesting can it be, having to watch a movie and later give its analysis? Please do not get so excited, though, as it is not as relaxing as it sounds.

Writing an essay on a movie though demanding, is important as it equips you with very vital skills. It helps you evaluate, conceptualize, synthesize, and analyze ideas in the movie as well as in real life.

You will need to have a pen and a pad as you watch the film so you can jot down some points. Be keen, though, not to get carried away by writing that you forget about watching the movie or listening to its narration. You can then come up with a plan on how to write an analytical essay about the film you have watched.

Here are some useful tips to help you hack that essay.

Introduce the Film

You will give the name of the movie, its director, and the year of its release. You will also provide a brief background of it so that the reader can have a clue of what it is all about. Mention the main ideas that come out of the film. It is also in the introduction that you will write the thesis statement.

After you write what the idea behind the film is, you can discuss your point of view regarding it. You can add a quote from the movie and explain the idea behind it.


When writing an analysis of a film, you are delivering information as though the reader has no clue about it. Your teacher may have watched it. However, write as though you are explaining to someone who has never set eyes on it.

You will give details about who, where, why, when, and what the film is about.

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You may not have watched the movie and may not have the time to do so and write the essay. You could have watched it but did not understand it well enough to analyze it. You can ask the professional writer to do it on your behalf.


Your essay depends on this stage, which entails you giving your perspective about the film. You will include your thoughts and some quotes from the movie.

You will offer a description of the elements used in the film. The scenario is one element of discussion where you discuss scenes from the movie. Explain each sequence as it follows the other until the end.

Speak of the director and state if the movie came out perfectly. Were the actors directed appropriately? Also, compare any other films from the same director.

The acting part is important since it is the actors that bring the director’s ideas into action. Discuss how good they played their roles. If they did not do it well, discuss it too.

Other elements to discuss are the musical and visual ones. Was the music fit for the mood of the film, or was it a distraction? How were the costumes of the actor and the era they portrayed? Were there any other special elements worthy of mention? All these should be in your analysis.


After you have given an introduction, summarized, analyzed, and given your take on the elements, you can now conclude. You will state the main ideas of the essay and answer the thesis question. An important point to note in conclusion is to tell people whether to watch it or not and why you say so.


If you put your mind to it, writing an analytical essay can be as easy as watching the movie. You will only have to follow the structure laid out in this article, and you will have an easy time doing it.

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