Top 4 Reasons Why YouTube Videos Need Transcription

Unfortunately, most YouTubers undervalue the importance of video transcription. They wrongly believe that no one reads the text under the videos. But in fact, some viewers find video transcription extremely useful.

And if you want to get more subscribers to your YouTube channel, you should transcribe your videos. If you have any doubts, read this article to learn more about the benefits of video transcription.

Reason #1 – Make your content accessible for everyone

Did you know that approximately one in 20 people in the world is “functionally deaf” or hard of hearing? Did you know that almost 1,000,000 Americans are deaf? These statistics is a sad reality about today’s world.

Unluckily, deaf people face lots of issues not only in real life but also online. For instance, they can watch only those YouTube videos, which were transcribed to text.

It’s unfair that deaf people can’t use any content they like, isn’t it? And if you want to make your content accessible for everyone, you should use video transcriptions.

Reason #2 – Engage non-native English speakers

Some non-native English speakers have poor language listening skills. They can’t clearly understand what people in the video are talking about. It’s much easier for them to consume textual content than audio and video content.

For this reason, English learners find video transcription extremely useful. When they hear an unfamiliar word, they feel frustrated. But when they see an unknown word in the text, they can translate it using online dictionaries and other tools.

If you believe that your YouTube channel might be interesting for people, who are not fluent in English, you should transcribe your videos. It will help you to get more views and more subscribers.

Reason #3 – Attract foreign viewers

The great news is that you can also turn viewers, who don’t speak English at all, into your subscribers. You just need to transcribe your video to text and after that translate text in a chosen language.

Let’s say you are a travel blogger from the United States. Currently, you live in Nicaragua and produce content, which is interesting not only for American travelers but also for locals, who speak Spanish.

In this situation, it will be a wise decision to utilize online translation services and create a Spanish version of a video transcription. It will allow you to draw the local viewers’ attention to your channel and increase your income from YouTube.

Reason #4 – Optimize your video for search

Video transcription is a great tool to optimize your video content. It helps to lower the bounce rate and to increase traffic. Also, it’s worth mentioning that video transcription allows getting higher search rankings on both YouTube and Google.

Naturally, if you make your video content accessible to every user, you get more views and increase watch time. That’s all you need to grow your YouTube channel, isn’t it?

Three ways to transcribe YouTube videos

Has this article convinced you that video transcription is extremely important for your YouTube Channel’s growth? Now you just need to choose in which way you will complete the transcription process:

  • Utilize app with in-built automatic speech recognition technology
  • Get assistance from human transcriptionists
  • Use a combination of two approaches: hire a transcriptionist to edit automatically transcribed texts

Wrapping it up

As you can see, video transcription is an essential instrument for every YouTube blogger. If you want to get more subscribers and more views, don’t hesitate to use this simple, yet effective tool in practice. You can be sure that one beautiful day your efforts will bear fruit, and you will become a world-famous YouTuber.